Wednesday, May 23, 2012


         A kid on my bus officially earned the title " Most annoying person on Earth". He just sat there and said "person person hey person" and many other annoying comments. After about twenty minutes of dealing with his stupid attempt at attention I gave him the face.What is the face you ask. For the many of you that watch Jenna Marbles you know exactly what I'm talking about.The face is a technique created by Jenna Marbles as a full proof way to get people you don't want talking to you or in some cases around you to get them to stop. In my opinion the face works pretty well. His reaction was 'what what are you doing''. Yep,he stopped talking to my within one minute of the face. One important thing is that you have to commit to the face. You have to keep making the face until the person leaves you alone and stops talking to you. Enjoy!

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