Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Odd Interest

Most people are surprised to hear me talk about the life I want to have at MIT. Ever since I was young, I've had an interest in space, like a drifting  pull toward it's glimmering beauty. About a year ago, I was at my grandma's.  I was bored so I looked for something to watch unbeknownst to the fact it would change my life .Nothing was on and I was willing to try anything.  I found myself on the History Channel watching a show on the creation of the universe.  I was hooked . Near lunch I was called out to eat.  I couldn't get up the show was too interesting . I watched the same show on different topics all day, and found the future job I was meant to do. Astrophysics {if you were thinking astronomy you 're wrong. Astrophysics is much more - it's about the format; layout; the physics of space. I couldn't get enough. When shows weren't on, I would do independent study on the computer and sometimes in books . Not only did my interest in physics grow, my interest in school itself did also.  Not only was I making the grade,  I looked further into the topic and more than just class time. When studied more about astrophysics, I began to know the info by heart.   I would be able to explain the composition of the universe while having a conversation with my friends. When my knowledge grew, I was able to cross reference it to other science topics and other subjects. I would spend some nights watching the stars bringing my telescope out when planets could be seen.  I would spend at least an hour outside looking at Jupiter though the glass.

Life became more meaningful once I had a deep meaning for the stars . Today, I plan to get two Phd's one in Physics and one in Astronomy since MIT does not have a full degree in astrophysics to my knowledge. Many close friends and relatives ask why I have this interest and I reply ''because space is calling me to''.


  1. Erin, many people chase the stars...but I believe in will catch the stars.

  2. Looking forward to your next post!