Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Poem

I feel bad for the people of morrow
For they will feel only sadness and sorrow
For the people of now
Just don't know how
To care for one another
I dought they ever will so our fate will not recover

I wrote this poem about the greed and selfishness of the world today. The people who would walk by a person in need.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Through my Eyes

                   This post is about my opinion on growing up with two parents in karate , and having a their karate school attached to our house.

                  When most people meet me and hear about my parents they normally ask me if I take karate. The answer is no. I know I have the opportunity to, but I have my reasons . I do know basic self defence, but never "karate karate" Since the karate school is literally attached to our house, it is hard to make it an event. Most people who take karate anticipate when they go, but I can casually walk though the dojo every day. In that case it makes it boring to me unlike people who go once a week. The  main instructors our my parents which makes it harder to concentrate. I might consider it one day but not now. I've been considering this post for a while now editing: multiple times because I believe many people would have interest in it. I also needed to answer the question myself because I hadn't really thought about it till now, and really understand my reasoning now.  It keeps me content at this point .

Till my next post,

Sunday, June 19, 2011


    Have you ever been talking and you have a feeling the person listening doesn't understand?

Everybody knows that can be frustrating. Mostly if it's important .Yes, it is hard to be misunderstood, but even harder to misunderstand. It can drive a person crazy. Just think your trying to tell someone something important and they have know idea what you're talking about.  They think you are talking about something totally different. In this clip it shows Abbott and Costello trying to understand each other in the famous skit Who's On First?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Crinkle don't Crumble !!!!!!!!

It was sunday afternoon and my family and I went to  lunch. After a great lunch, several people were going to a travel connvention so me and my mother desided to go. At the connvention you could enter to win a cruise.  My mother put her paper in after crinkling it .  About a minute later my aunt kim put hers in after crumbling it. It was time to announce a winner. Guess who won?

My mom!

The crinkle is your best bet to success.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The One the Only .......

Tinkerbell !!!!!!!!!

Now some say you can always see Tinkerbell , but others disagree.I have met several people who believe there is one Tinkerbell for both Disney parks in America.It is true characters rotate, but could they go so far that there is one character for both parks. Ether way, next time your at Disney watch out for that possibly traveling fairy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Really ?

Have you ever felt like no one was listening to you? Well, I was listening to my friends talking and the one said '' you know you used to .......... . Well, that part doesn't matter.  As soon as the other girl heard it she sceamed ''used to''.  So the one who said it stated ''that's what I said''.  Back and forth it went for about a minute. By the end, the first girl said '' Wow!  Did she hear anyone but herself?''

The morral is some people just don't listen.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is That Blood !

This is an odd post because it is about something that took place while on my blog.

As I was typing one of my posts my nose started to feel weird. So I gently rubbed my nose with my hand . When I looked at my hand to my astonishment it was covered in blood. I had never had a nose bleed before, I had no idea it was happening until I saw the blood. I immediately ran to the nearest bathroom in my house . By the time I got there the blood was almost dripping of my face. I hate blood so seeing my face covered in it was a little freaky.I went up to my bed to lie down with a tissue squeezing the top of my nose. After a few minutes it stopped . I recently had bronchitis so many think it was the transition off the antibiotics. It is winter so it might be the dry air.

All I know is that it is weird . I guess I will never know why it happened.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Think it's Cold Here !

     I live in Pennsylvania, so it gets cold ,but I'm still tired of people saying it's freezing here . It's like they think we live in the North Pole ,  which is not true .So I've taken the challenge of showing everyone it's not that cold in PA .


Subarctic let's take it to the extreme ! Look out world cause -1,-2, even -10 are no match for the coldest temperature recorded at this cold king's home. A whopping temp of - 67.7c ( -90f ) was taken in this Russian city .This is the lowest recorded temp. of any permanently inhabited place on Earth. Oymyakon's name in the Sakha language means non-freezing water.The poles of cold are certain places were cold is taken to the next level Oymyakon is being considered for the position the pole of cold . Oymyakon's average high for the year is 72.1f with it's record high being 94.3 . The time the temp. rises is short, which makes the average high 16.7f .

I hope my point leaves a mark . Next time you go complaining about the cold ,remember Oymyakon and it's average temp. of 16.7 f . Also try to remember it's all time low -90f . So learn from this post winter brings snow and fairly cold temperatures for most, but don't forget for some it can leave a big chilly reality for them to handle .

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Odd Interest

Most people are surprised to hear me talk about the life I want to have at MIT. Ever since I was young, I've had an interest in space, like a drifting  pull toward it's glimmering beauty. About a year ago, I was at my grandma's.  I was bored so I looked for something to watch unbeknownst to the fact it would change my life .Nothing was on and I was willing to try anything.  I found myself on the History Channel watching a show on the creation of the universe.  I was hooked . Near lunch I was called out to eat.  I couldn't get up the show was too interesting . I watched the same show on different topics all day, and found the future job I was meant to do. Astrophysics {if you were thinking astronomy you 're wrong. Astrophysics is much more - it's about the format; layout; the physics of space. I couldn't get enough. When shows weren't on, I would do independent study on the computer and sometimes in books . Not only did my interest in physics grow, my interest in school itself did also.  Not only was I making the grade,  I looked further into the topic and more than just class time. When studied more about astrophysics, I began to know the info by heart.   I would be able to explain the composition of the universe while having a conversation with my friends. When my knowledge grew, I was able to cross reference it to other science topics and other subjects. I would spend some nights watching the stars bringing my telescope out when planets could be seen.  I would spend at least an hour outside looking at Jupiter though the glass.

Life became more meaningful once I had a deep meaning for the stars . Today, I plan to get two Phd's one in Physics and one in Astronomy since MIT does not have a full degree in astrophysics to my knowledge. Many close friends and relatives ask why I have this interest and I reply ''because space is calling me to''.